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I am usually typing on a computer most of the day, but today I am trying my hand at a new project: My 2011 365-Day Photo Journey. I gained a love for photography when I was required to take a fine arts class for college--I chose photography. The course required a lot of work--Professor Loehr saw to that--but it opened my eyes to a new world. It's been many years since I took that class and I don't know how much I actually remember, but following Laura Delagal's 365 Photo Journey and watching my niece's love for taking pictures has peeked my interested in photography again. Although I don't have a professional camera, I did receive a really nice Sony digital (point-and-shoot) camera from my sweetie for Christmas this year. Going through some difficult times in my life, I thought that undertaking my own 365-day photo journey might be a way to relieve a little stress and have some fun with my new toy. Through this journey I will capture some of life's joy and its pain, but I will also be able to refocus the lens of my life on the many wonderful things that God has created. Well, here goes. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 62 - 3/3/2011

Toothbrush blossom?

While walking back from lunch on Thursday, a co-worker and I noticed the strangest thing--most of the pansies in this flower planter had been pulled up and the ones that remained were beginning to wither.  Of course, that wasn't the strange part.  We looked down to notice that in the planter the soil seemed to be sprouting a toothbrush.  Yep, you heard right. My co-worker, knowing that I snap pictures of anything that is standing still said to me, you should take a picture of that; where's your camera?  Well, because I rarely, if never, leave home without out, I pulled my camera out of the pouch and begin taking pictures.  So, there you have it.  We are now growing toothbrushes.  lol

You never know what students will do or where they will put things.  I wish they had planted some money!  I could have used a couple hundred bucks!!!  lol


  1. welcome back, Cheryl!!! this photo totally cracks me up!!! thanks for the laugh..:)

  2. Oh that is too funny.When you find that money tree,let me know,I want a cutting of it.:)