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I am usually typing on a computer most of the day, but today I am trying my hand at a new project: My 2011 365-Day Photo Journey. I gained a love for photography when I was required to take a fine arts class for college--I chose photography. The course required a lot of work--Professor Loehr saw to that--but it opened my eyes to a new world. It's been many years since I took that class and I don't know how much I actually remember, but following Laura Delagal's 365 Photo Journey and watching my niece's love for taking pictures has peeked my interested in photography again. Although I don't have a professional camera, I did receive a really nice Sony digital (point-and-shoot) camera from my sweetie for Christmas this year. Going through some difficult times in my life, I thought that undertaking my own 365-day photo journey might be a way to relieve a little stress and have some fun with my new toy. Through this journey I will capture some of life's joy and its pain, but I will also be able to refocus the lens of my life on the many wonderful things that God has created. Well, here goes. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 151 - May 31, 2011

Cardinal - hen
I finally got a close up picture of a bird.  Yeah me!!!  Isn't she pretty?

Once again, I can thank Melvin for letting me play with his Nikon D5000.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150 - May 30, 2011

Another shot of one of mother's favorite flower.

(Can you tell that I got to play with Melvin's camera again?)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 149 - May 29, 2011

When I walked into the nursing home today, I found mother in a bundle of tears.  The receptionist said that she had been like that most of the day.  I'm sad to say that it had been a bad day for her.  She tried to tell me what a bad week that she had experienced.  Apparently, she has been hallucinating some which has caused her paranoia.  My poor mother was so afraid.  I held her while she cried and tried to comfort her.   Later, the chaplain's wife, seeing that mother was so upset, brought Brody by for mother to hold.  The minute Brody crawled up in her laps she began to calm down .

Mother and Brody
Mother hugged Brody and kept saying, "I love you, little Brody!  I love you!"  It's amazing how much comfort an animal can give to the elderly or someone like my mother.  Mother loves Miss Bridget, our little Pomeranian so much!  But for now, Brody is the closest thing to Bridget she can get.

Mother & Brody

I wish I could say that when I left her she still had that beautiful smile on her face, but that's not the case.  When we parted she was crying once again.   We hugged her neck and told her we loved her.  But she called out to Melvin and hugged his neck again and told him, "I don't guess I'll see you no more."  He assured her that he would see her again.

It was hard to leave her because she was afraid.  Gloria, one of the sweet nurses there, and I assured her that she was in good hands, and that nothing was going to harm her.

You know, it's hard to walk away and leave your mother when she begs to go home with you and when she is so afraid.  I have to place her in God's hands and in their care of the nurses at Allen Memorial.  My prayer is that God would restore her mind, but if for some reason He choose not to, I have to trust Him anyway.  Please continue to remember my mother, Jean Barnett, in your prayers.  Thank you, my friends!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148 - May 28, 2011

My mother loves this flower and it's finally starting to bloom!

I wish I knew the name of these flowers.  But more than that, I wish mother could be here to see them blooming!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147 - May 27, 2011

These pictures blurred a bit because Tucker was most definitely in motion.  I didn't think to change the setting on my camera to a motion setting, not that it could have handled that much motion (because it could not have--this camera just doesn't really have those types of settings; well, it does, but it doesn't handle but the slightest motion.  The same with the "macro" setting.).  My daughter Kelly and I had been watering some plants and Tucker decided he wanted to drink from the hose, so he was jumping up in front of the nozzle to drink water from the hose.  He would jump up over and over and over and over . . . it was so funny.  So even those he's not in focus, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing this crazy dog jump up to drink water from the hose--I know we did!  :-)

P.S.  Thanks for all of your well wishes.  Praise the Lord, I am feeling much better today, with only a mild headache remaining.  I stayed off the computer all day today and a good yesterday.  I think that, plus sleeping in a good bit (and the meds) helped--not to mention the prayers of all of my friends.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146 - May 26, 2011


I accidentally used the flash on this pic, which caused a lightening effect; but I kind of liked it.

More Wildflowers

B&W Conversion

I took about a dozen pics of these pretty yellow wildflowers that are planted next to my mailbox.  And although they looked great through the lens of my camera, many of them didn't look quite as clear when I started going through them on my computer.  One of my photographer friends told me that when a photo is slightly off, try it in B&W, so I did.  I did post a couple of the photos I took, but I also posted one of the pics that I converted to B&W.

These are not the best pics, but I have been down with a migraine and fibro pain all day today.  So unfortunately, I can't stay on the computer long to do much nor could I take the time do get out and take any better photos (it's also been bad weather--we've been under thunderstorm and tornado warnings today).

Praying for a better photo day tomorrow!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142 - May 22, 2011

Satsuma Tree
I love Satsumas!  My neighbor Liz and I plan to get together later this week to cook dinner and plant our little tree.  It's neat that this tree, which only stands a couple of feet tall, is already bearing fruit--it has about 8-10 satsumas.  Who knows, I could be eating satsumas from my own tree this summer.  How cool will that be? 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141 - May 21, 2011

Kellyanne - aka Sleeping Beauty

It's hard to believe that we've posted 141 days worth of pictures.  Some days I thought I wouldn't make it.  Today I thought I would be posting a photo from in the country, but I ended up not getting to go this weekend.  Then I thought I would be taking a photo of a newly planted satsuma tree.  My neighbor and I planned to plant the tree we got at Lowes a few days ago.  However, she wasn't feeling well, so we postponed it until another day.

Instead, I got something much prettier.  I got to take pictures of my favorite model!  Kellyanne!  I told my daughter that I would watch Kellyanne for her so that she could go over to a friend's pool to hangout with some friends for a while.  I was wanting to see Kellyanne so I told her to drop her off, if she wanted to too.  Unfortunately, Kellyanne has been fretful all day long.  I don't know whether she's teething early or what is going on, but everytime the little stinker would fall alseep, she would wake back up within about 15 minutes crying her eyes out.  And that has been the patter most of the afternoon.  She might sit in her boppy seat or coo with me for 15 or 20 minutes, then . . . start screaming her head off again.

So, even though I'm a tired Nonna, I'm kinda glad my daughter had the chance to get away today.  In  fact, Kellyanne is spending the night with me so that Kelly and Bill can have a night all to themselves!  Enjoy the night , Kelly and Bill. . . I've got sleeping beauty, and we're doing just fine!  I can always sleep Sunday afternoon.  :-)

Day 140 - May 20, 2011

My Mother - Helen Jean Bush Barnett
Doesn't she look beautiful!  It's so good to see her smiling like this!!!

Mother and Me
 Due to working late the past week or so (not to mention dealing with the pain of Fibromyalgia), I haven't been down to see mother in a little over a week.  That's the longest time that I've gone without seeing her since she's been in the nurisng home.  She is usually so tired in the evenings, that she's not really up to much company and to be honest, I wasn't either. So I decided that today I would take off work early and go spend a couple of hours with mother during the day while she's a little more alert and not so worn out.  I still ended up leaving work about an hour and a half past the time that I had originally planned to leave, but I got to the nursing home about 2:45 p.m. and stayed until 7:30 p.m. Mother and I had a really nice visit.  I fixed her hair for her, we read the bible, I helped her to the potty, helped her change clothes and fed her dinner.  And naturally, we had a mini photo session.

Praise the Lord, mother is doing so much better!  But even though she is doing better, she still has a long, long way to go.  She still can't really feed herself or hold her glass well without tipping it sideways.  And she still can't stand up, even with help, to get from the wheelchair to the potty or to the bed.  It is struggle to get these chores accomplished even with two people trying to help her.  I am praying, though, that perhaps the Lord is beginning to gradually heal those parts of her brain that were damaged with the many mini strokes that she has suffered, and that she has suffered no permanent damage.

It was difficult to hear her as she begged me multiple times to go home with me.  But I gently explained to her that she's not quite ready to go home with me.  I told her that if she goes to therapy and learns how to walk again, there's a possibility that one day she can come home.  She and I both need that hope!

We gave each other lots of hugs and kisses throughout the afternoon, and I gave her one last hug and kiss before I left (and told her not to cry).  I emphasized Phil. 4:13, which I remembered from reading Michelle's blog the other day:  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  I told mother to remember and claim that verse.  She can walk that wheel chair that seems hard, and she can relearn to walk, because Christ will give her the strength she needs to do any and ALL things!

My mother--she is definately a woman to treasure!  I am so thankful for the times that we have had together and pray that we will have many more days together, no matter how God chooses for us to spend them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139 - May 19, 2011

Nonna (me) & Kellyanne


This is the photo that I was originally trying to post, but I had difficulty posting it.  Since I thought it wasn't going to download (or upload, whichever the case may be), I tried inserting the photo that my daughter took of me holding Kellyanne.  Well, once it was in here I could hardly delete it.  So, you get two pics for the price of one.  :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138 - May 18, 2011

Kellyanne Elizabeth Moody

Lachlan McJunkin
 Today I worked almost 11 hours.  By the time I reached the house I realized I hadn't even thought about taking a picture. Nor did I want to go there.  So, today is another cheat day, I'm afraid.  I did take the first photo, but I didn't take it today.  I took it a few weeks back.  The second photo was also taken a few weeks back, but it was taken by Lachlan's other grandmother. 

As I glanced back through the many photos that I have taken since I started this 365 photo journey, I saw photos of flowers (lots and lots of them) and birds (finally), and landscape shots, and even some family pictures.  Photographically, I am very proud of some of the photos I've taken from each of these categories.  But the ones that are the dearest to me are the ones of my grandchildren--even the ones I haven't taken myself.

My children and my grandchildren are my heart.  I love them dearly!  So I decided that today, when I can barely hold my eyes open, I would post a couple of pictures of two little people who are dearest to my heart--Lachlan and Kellyanne.  Yes, I am a very proud grandmother (and mother).  I never knew that being a grandmother would be this wonderful, and that these precious little ones would hold such a special place in my heart like that do.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137 - May 17, 2011

Reflections . . .  Sometimes it's just fun playing around with the camera--catching our reflection in someone's sunglasses or the reflection of the trees in the window of a truck.  :-)

When people look at you and me, what do they see?  What do we reflect?  I hope people see something good in me--the reflection of Christ--love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22).  I know that I don't always represent my Savior like I should, but that is my goal.  May others see Jesus in me.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136 - May 16, 2011

Yellow crooked neck squash
Looking forward to some good stir fried squash, with onions and bell pepper!  yummy!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 135 - May 15, 2011

Purple Althea
I know that I have recently posted pics of my Althea bushes, but I can do so much more with the photos when I take a pic with Melvin's camera.  :-)

[singing . . .]  I'm dreaming of a DSLR . . .  lol 

Seriously, one of these days . . . .  But perhaps the Lord may be teaching me patience and contentment.  It is important to live within my means, which I totally intend to do.  Until such time as I can afford something besides a point-and-shoot, I will use the camera that I have and enjoy Melvin's camera when I can.  I intend to do the absolutely BEST job I can with what God has blessed me with--a camera (that happens to be point-and-shoot and takes nice pictures) and, hopefully, a little bit of talent.  I'm happy with that!

In the meantime, I just love purple!

Day 134 - May 14, 2011

Come along with us for a day at the beach:

Melvin Moseley
Cheryl Kirkland
  I normally wouldn't post this many photos, but we had a fun time at the beach today, and I had a fun time with Melvin's camera.  :-)  So indulge me please and enjoy!

No beach trip would be complete without the friendly, but pesky, seagulls.  They fly overhead constantly looking for a crumb of bread or potato chip.  When fed, you can just about guarantee that some unsuspecting beach-goer with have the pleasure of being annointed with bird poop.  Thankfully, neither one of us were blessed with their droppings.

This group of young people tried to build this pyramid several times, but they never got anyone on top.  They made it to this second level and sometimes would start to get someone on the next level when. . .

 . . . they all fall down!


The water sprays made for some really cool photos.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it, I only posted two of those really neat looking pics.

Melvin and I wanted to stay out on the beach to see the sun set and get some neat sunset pictures.  However, the sun set behind some buildings that were behind us, which didn't make for a really great photo.  Not to mention, as the sun started going down the temps started cooling off quite a bit, especially since the breeze had been blowing all day.   We had both changed into jeans and t-shirts, but it was still a bit too chilly for us.  So, we loaded up our gear and headed to to the truck.

All in all, we had a nice, relaxed day at the beach.   The water is so calming.   We both had fun taking photos (mostly with Melvin's camera b/c I couldn't see through the view screen on my camera).  I love spending time like this with my sweetie!  It doesn't get much better than this.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131 - May 11, 2011

Dottie Barnett & Dottie Hempfleng

Today we said goodbye to Dottie Hempfleng (Dottie H or Dottie #1, as we call her--Dottie #2 or Dottie B, is sitting to her left).  I had hoped to take some nice pics of the get together, but alas, my camera did not behave.  First, the lighting in this room has given me fits on multiple occassions.  Secondly, my camera started flashing memory messages.  I, apparently, need to reformat the disc, which entails removing all of the photos off of the disc first before I reformat, so that I don't lose all of my pics.

Even though the lighting and texture is a little poor, I loved the look on Dottie's face and I was pleased with the composition of the shot.  Unfortunately, unless you have it all, one does not really have a "good" photo.

Goodbye Dottie #1. We will miss you a bunch!!!  But as you said, you had better come back to visit us often for lunch and, of course, for those special occassion get togethers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130 - May 10, 2011

Kellyanne Elizabeth Moody
I am cheating on my post today.  This photo was taken on Saturday when my granddaughter spent the afternoon with me.  She and I had lots of fun with the camera (well, I'm sure it was mostly me having fun).  Today I was just too exhausted after work to take any pictures, thus I'm posting a photo from Saturday.  Besides, one can never post too many pics of grandchildren, can they?

She's my little angel!

Day 129 - May 9, 2011

I don't know what kind of bush this is, but my mother loved it.  This bush is in my neighbor's yard and we have tried to grow our own from clippings, but so far not luck!  My boyfriend's mother has one in her friend yard and, on the day of her funeral, we took clippings from her bush as well, but we still have not been able to get a starter going.

The bush is beautiful when it's in bloom, and it is getting ready to bloom.  If I remember correctly, this bush has beautiful pink flowers on it.  One thing that I did notice as I was preparing to take this pic is that something is already beginning to eat on the leaves.  Some of them were shredded to the point that they looked like lace.  Does anyone know the name of this plant?

[I know that it is past midnight, but I have now official caught up; well, that is until tomorrow.  lol ]


Day 128 - May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I am slowly, but surely, catching up on posting photos to my blog.  Even once I get caught up, posting may be a hit and miss thing until I get my computer issues resolved.  I just pray that I will have enough bandwidth to post what I need to and then be able to visit around.  I have really missed blogging with my photography friends.

This morning I got up early and went to my church.  We had an AWESOME service.  Then, instead of staying for Sunday School, I headed over to my old home church to see my granddaughter dedicated to the Lord.  We had almost 2 pews of family their to support Kelly, Bill and Kellyanne.  It was so great.  Come time for the dedication, the pastor called up not only the parents, but the grandparents and great grandparents.  I took a few photos, but realized later that I took them on my daughter's camera, not mine.  So, instead of posting photos of Kellyanne, here is a shot of some of my hydrangia's in my yard that I took that afternoon.  It's interesting how some of the blooms on this bush are blue, some are a pink and purple and the first blooms are a bit yellowish.

Since, as I mentioned several days ago, my mother loved hydrangias, I decided to post this picture in honor of my mother, Helen Jean Bush Haywood Barnett; as well as my step mother, Jean Barnett (ironic, I know; don't know her full name); my daughter Kelly Michelle Kirkland Moody; my sister, Phyllis Elaine Barnett Crocker; my youngest sister, Regina Lynn Barnett Dunnam; and my niece, Amanda Kay Crocker Courtney, and Rebecca McJunkin (the mother of my grandson).

Happy Mother's Day, with love!
Cheryl Ann Barnett Kirkland

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 127 - May 7, 2011

Kellyanne Elizabeth Moody
Today was Commencement at SHC and, as I've been saying all week, I will be so glad when that ceremony is in my rearview mirror.  Well, a little after noon, that's exactly what happened--I drove out of the gates of the College, and I looked in my rearview mirror and waved goodbye to Commencement until next year.

After the ceremony, I came on to relax and spend the rest of the day with Kellyanne.  She and I had a good time together and, naturally, I took lots of photos of her before she went down for her long, long nap (although many of them didn't come out like I wanted them to).  We are making memories together, and I love and cherish every moment of my time with her.

Day 126 - May 6, 2011

I knew that I was having to replace the bird seed in both of the feeders almost every day, well now I know why!  I knew that those pesky squirrels had gotten up into my bird feeder but I didn't think they could get into the neighbors'. (I suppy the feed for this feeder too, since the new neighbors don't feed the birds.) Man, was I every so wrong. That squirrel shimmied right up that pole so fast it would make your head swim!!!  Hmmm . . .  I wanted to knocked him off of that feeder and make his head swim.

Of course, I barely got this photo, when he jumped off of the feeder and headed over near the tree. There were 3 squirrels on the ground playing around on the ground, chasing each other, eating nuts, and my bird seed!  So, between the squirrels and what I think Laura Delegal called cow birds (I confused them with the house finches I had seen, although I'm not sure how), my feeders have been ransacked!!!  This is giving me a few photo opps, but not exactly what I had in mind.  I will have to figure out a way to get rid of these pesky creatures.  Any suggestions?

Day 125 - May 5, 2011

This is a bloom from my lavender Althea tree/bush that I dug up from mother's yard and planted in my yard when I first moved into this house.  The blooms on these trees are so pretty and always make me think of mother!

Day 124 - May 4, 2011

Although I posted a photo of one of my red and white amaryllis the other day, I wanted to try to get a closer shot of it to see if I could get some more vibrant detail on it.  So, I went back out into the yard, trusty camera in hand and yep, you guessed it, got right down on the flower (you know, in one of those wierd positions where the neighbors probably think--what is she doing?).  Naturally, I had to be careful not to get too close or the entire shot would have been blurry (it's a fine line).  But playing around with the focus I think I managed to get the shot just about right.  I was pleased with my photo, so I decided to post this close-up shot of my amaryllis.  Not too bad for the old point-and-shoot!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 123 - May 3, 2011

It's that time of the year--Commencement.  Each year as we prepare for the set up of tents and chairs there's always a question of where does this tent go, do we put up baracades or ropes . . . and the questions go on and on.  So, this year I took photos of the setup and some of the ceremony and stage set up.  Hopefully, there will be fewer questions about this in the future.

Day 122 - May 2, 2011

I am amazed at how quickly my photos are uploading tonight.  Praise the Lord!   This is one of the founds in a little pond on the Spring Hill College golf course.

Day 121 - May 1, 2011

It is ironic how when I got into photography and my 365 blog, I also got into a little bit of bird watching.  One of my co-workers is an avid bird watcher, so I brought some of my photos to the office to ask her what type of birds these are at my feeder.  At first I thought this bird was a house finch, but after Laura's comment and a closer look, I realized that this is not a house finch.  It is actually a cow bird.  And she's right about another thing, between the cow birds and the squirrels, they are raiding my bird feeder.  I wish I could get rid of the crazy squirrels and if these birds keep away the other pretty birds, then they can head further south too!
I am still disappointed in my bird pics, but I can't get very close to them.  :-(   The blue jays and cardinals are the most skiddish of the ones in my yard.

Day 119 - April 29, 2011

While watering the lawn, I decided to play around with the camera and see what kind of shots I could get.  I took several, but since it takes my computer so long to upload anything, I thought that just this one captured the water sprays the best.