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I am usually typing on a computer most of the day, but today I am trying my hand at a new project: My 2011 365-Day Photo Journey. I gained a love for photography when I was required to take a fine arts class for college--I chose photography. The course required a lot of work--Professor Loehr saw to that--but it opened my eyes to a new world. It's been many years since I took that class and I don't know how much I actually remember, but following Laura Delagal's 365 Photo Journey and watching my niece's love for taking pictures has peeked my interested in photography again. Although I don't have a professional camera, I did receive a really nice Sony digital (point-and-shoot) camera from my sweetie for Christmas this year. Going through some difficult times in my life, I thought that undertaking my own 365-day photo journey might be a way to relieve a little stress and have some fun with my new toy. Through this journey I will capture some of life's joy and its pain, but I will also be able to refocus the lens of my life on the many wonderful things that God has created. Well, here goes. Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57 - 2/26/2011

Japanese Magnolia
I just love the Japanese Magnolia tree.  The blooms are so beautiful.  Spring is definately in the air!


  1. Beautiful capture, Cheryl. You know what? The blossom in this tree is in my checklist to be photographed. I hope it'll be sooner before it's going to be too late. :)

  2. So pretty and spring like. I can't wait for spring colors. Great shot.

  3. Aah, I can't wait for them to bloom here as well.

  4. It is hard for me to believe that you already have blossoms,when my world is still white with snow.This is so pretty and I look forward to more scenes like that.Have a wonderful day.

  5. Is that what these are called!? I always wondered. We had some of these beautiful trees in our neighborhood in Rhode Island, and in my ignorance I thought they were fancy cherry blossoms:)

    Beautiful picture!

  6. These are the trees I keeo seeing here...but your landscape is much prettier.

  7. Such a pretty tree...would love to see one of the blossoms up close; I can't wait until they start flowering here!